Hi i'm


I am a young man with great passion for everything digital and creative. 

I have been creating digital art since i was 14. I started 3D modelling two years later and i haven't stopped since. Art and specifically 3D modelling is my biggest pasion, both in my career and freetime.

I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Digital Design & Interactive technologies at the IT University of Copenhagen


•Animating promotional videos

•Taking & editing photos

•Making 3D renders & CGI

•Made website

•CGI videos for Instagram

•3D renders of rooms with art

Always seeking


Digital Design

& Interactive Technologies



As a UX design student and a passionate design nerd, I delve into researching user needs, behaviors, and preferences. Committed to continual learning, my enthusiasm as a designer drives me to contribute innovative and user-centric solutions to the evolving landscape of UX design.

My Choice

of Software